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or how hemp plants become dermatological products in your pharmacy

The key active component of CutisHelp products is an oil that is obtained through special physical extraction from the seeds of Cannabis sativa (industrial hemp), which today is commonly cultivated for industrial purposes and is a unique raw material for pharmaceutical processing.

hemp field

From starting industrial hemp plant to planting them.

Cannabis sativa is an annual hailing from Central Asia and belonging to the Cannabaceae family. The law allows the cultivation of industrial varieties of hemp that contain only trace and, from the point of view of psychotropic effects, insignificant amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

hemp field 2

Industrial hemp is a fast growing, non-demanding crop.

The plants grow to an average height of 2-3 metres and form small seeds at the top which are rich in oil and the protein edestin, which is very similar to the human gamma globulin in blood plasma.

hemp field 3

Hemp at flowering time when seeds begin to form.

The resulting raw material for preparing CutisHelp products can only comprise hemp seeds of the highest quality fulfilling strict criteria on the content of active substances.

hemp harvesting

Harvesting hemp, which is technologically demanding due to its fibrous and sturdy stems, requires the use of special machines.

Each new batch of seeds undergoes laboratory analysis and has to fulfil standards for the production of pharmacopoeic forms of hemp oil.

hemp seeds
Hemp seeds average 3-5 mm in size and have a mild nutty taste and aroma.

The oil is then extracted from the selected seeds with a patented method that uses carbondioxide (CO₂). This is a very mild physical method that retains the complete therapeutic quality of hemp oil and does not allow dermatologically irritating proteins to pass into it.

CO2 extraction

Equipment for the extraction of oil using carbon dioxide.

After extraction, the oil undergoes laboratory testing to make sure that it fulfils all criteria stipulated by pharmacopoeic standards, especially in terms of the content of essential fatty acids, CBD (cannabidiol, which is non-psychoactive anti-inflammatory cannabinoid) and other bioactive substances. Once this process is complete, it can be used to prepare CutisHelp products.

extracted hemp oil

Extracted hemp oil is the richest and most balanced natural source of essential fatty acids, which are necessary for the proper development and function of skin cells.

An important part of the ointment, cream and shampoo manufacturing process is development of packaging material that ensures that the quality of the products remains unaffected for a long time. Tubes and bottles made from special material that contains UV lighter barriers are used.

Tubes manufacturing

Production of laminated tubes; printing of graphics.

The final products are then produced in certified production premises. The various ointments, creams and other compositions are made according to standardised formulas developed by medical and pharmaceutical experts for CutisHelp. These preparations are then filled into containers and stored in boxes and cartons. Each batch of products has to undergo qualitative laboratory tests.

Cosmetics production

Production of CutisHelp products.

The only thing left is the transport of CutisHelp skin-care products against eczema, psoriasis, acne, cold sores, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and skin defects or inflammation and pain of the musculoskeletal system to your pharmacy and to you.

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